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If you are looking for a quick impact on your actions such as generating leads now, improving your brand or building a sales team but you are not yet at the stage of scaling your business, these services are for you

Lead Boost

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Lead Generation - Paid Campaigns

For companies that need to generate quality leads in a very short time and are able to invest some budget in it.

What can you achieve? Highly qualified leads with a minimum of 20% converts to sales.

We take care of everything with results guaranteed by our experience: 

  • Strategy: planning of subject matter, objectives, target, etc.

  • Creative: development of the idea, copies, images, etc.

  • Technical: landing pages, forms, CTA, banners, workflows, lists, labels, etc.

  • Executive: execution and monitoring of the campaign.

What makes us different? Savings on investment. Our years of experience allow us to make very effective campaigns without spending thousands of euros in budget.

Lead Generation - Organic

For companies that want to generate leads but cannot invest in paid campaigns

What can you achieve? We implement a social media content strategy to attract leads organically. 

We take care of everything for you: 

  • We study your market and your competition

  • We design a valuable content plan adapted to your needs.

  • We propose publications aligned with your business objectives.

  • We prepare in detail every text and visual based on your brand tone.

  • We share the publications on your strategic social network.

What makes us different? Our knowledge of Hubspot and other inbound tools allows us to develop landing pages and organic lead generation strategies very quickly and without large investments.

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UX & Magic Branding

UX & Magic Branding.jpg

Magic Branding & UX Elevator

For companies that want to launch their new brand into the market or renew their existing brand and ensure that their website helps them to attract business.

What can you achieve? A brand that revolutionises your business and a website that helps you generate leads

We take care of everything for you: 

  • Search for your new/renewed brand with a good SWOT and offer you several possibilities 

  • Review the UX of your new/renewed website to give it the best image while capturing business. 

  • Coordinate and help you with the launch, slogan creation, etc.

What makes us different? A lot of creativity combined with years of knowledge of the technology market.

Sales Go To Market

Your Sales Team

For companies that want to start selling in a systematised and organised way.

What can you achieve? A clear, step-by-step sales process with the use of one tool throughout the sales cycle.

We take care of everything for you: 

  • We train your sales team in best practices from prospecting to closing.

  • We give them resources to call, send standard emails, follow the opportunity, and close sales more effectively. 

  • All while learning how to use a sales automation tool (or CRM) so that all the information is in one place and the process is easier.

What makes us different? Not only do we train your sales reps, but we also do role-plays that are fun and educational so that they have fun selling.

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