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About us

AURA Growth is a Growth Marketing agency specialising in tech companies

We design and execute Growth Marketing strategies to accelerate lead generation and boost our clients' growth in a sustainable and scalable manner

AURA Growth is part of AURA International


AURA Growth is part of the AURA International family, a transmedia, digital and audiovisual communications company. We have a dedicated film and series division, AURA Pictures.

What move us

Our mission

AURA International is a global communications company that operates in the areas of audiovisual content and marketing to make a positive impact on society.

Our vision

AURA International aims to be the leading company in the generation of content and transversal communication strategies that generates actions for a better future.

Our values


Offer everyone what they need or deserve.


Do the right thing even when no one is watching.


With who we are, what we do and who we work with.


Creativity, innovation and the search for new challenges.


Enjoy what we do by working with joy and positivity.

Management Team

We work with the best to deliver results to our client community

Carol Butrón 2024_edited_edited_edited.j

Carol Butrón

CEO & Founder


Jordi Agustí Solà

Finances Director - Finver


Anne Sophie Brandt

Director of Operations & Account Manager


Jesús Román Ortega

Senior Designer


Ana Douek

Senior Designer


Noelia Torres

 Senior Business Developer


Carla López-Bravo Oriol

Senior Account Manager

AURA Method

At AURA we work with our own method to help you grow in a lasting way


We build an ecosystem

We don't just carry out your marketing or strategy, we build the environment you need to generate leads and grow your brand on a regular basis.

We have a phased growth methodology

We start with a blog, SEO, then we increase content until we get to inbound, advanced sales, etc.

Objectives are our mantra

All the work we put in place has to be based on the objectives we set ourselves and which we then measure month by month.

We systematise absolutely everything

In order to grow and scale. if we implement a content strategy, we create very ordered publication dynamics; if we organise a sales team, we will implement a very structured monthly reporting system, etc.

We measure continuously

Working with a system allows us to measure and optimise the model continuously.

And of course, to all this we have to add a lot of love and absolute focus on each client until they achieve all their goals (and more).

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