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6 simple ideas for generating leads without a budget

Is generating leads for your business your top priority right now, but you can't afford to spend a penny? Have you been trying different strategies to increase sales for a while now, but it's proving difficult?

We've been thinking about it for you and we've come up with some simple but effective ideas to increase your lead volume today. 😉

Lead generation and sales are at the heart of every business. Maybe before the latest crisis, you were used to investing in different accelerators (Google Adwords, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads ....) and now you have had to stop all investments. You may have made some isolated efforts for specific campaigns. In any case, you now find yourself in the situation of not being able to invest or spend a single euro on lead generation... But it is possible. We tell you how:

1. Landing pages, your great ally

Landing pages are web pages composed of some kind of offer or very specific message and a form that the visitor has to fill in.

The advantage of a landing page over any other website is that on each page the user is presented with a clear and direct message and a form, there are no other distractions such as a navigation menu or other options to navigate.

In this way, it is possible to increase conversion significantly. Landing pages are very effective for both product and content campaigns (e-books, webinars, etc.).


Identifying your target buyer persona, effective storytelling and a good form are the three keys to a good landing page.

2. Engage with free content

Content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing at 62% less cost, according Demand Metric (Hubspot).

Did you know that 70% of the people who come into contact with your brand have no intention to buy yet? With a traditional marketing system based only on the offer of services and/or products, we will be missing out on many people who have a need and are still "investigating" what the solution to their problem is.

And that is where content marketing comes in. It is about developing valuable content that illustrates their way to finding a solution for all these people who have not yet thought about purchasing a product/service.

To do this, we can start with a blog, some e-books, webinars, etc. The advantage of downloadable or registration content such as e-books and webinars is that they are a good way to get the person's data through forms. So to generate leads quickly, this can be a good idea.


When creating content, focus on quality and value generation. One good piece of content is better than five regular ones. Use expert voices and reliable sources.

3. Attract with webinars

As we said above, webinars are a good idea when it comes to generating content.

They have the advantage that experts from your company can participate in them and receive questions in director from interested people. They require preparation and organisation, but perhaps not the time and work involved in making an e-book - highly recommended in this day and age!

You can even establish a frequency for these webinars and let your audience know that X times a month they will have an expert from your company to consult and valuable content.


Make your webinar more practical than theoretical, plan it as a help for your target audience and only at the end, the last 5-10 minutes, talk about your solution. This will encourage lead generation.

4. Reach out to your current database

A key idea in these times is to pull from our own database. This will always be a good source of business generation that is there and does not require extra investment.

In addition, it is an opportunity to help your community by offering services that are appropriate to the times we are living in. In this way, you create a circle of added value that can be very interesting.


Remember not to present a commercial message but a message of support to your database. As we say, we are in a moment of creating value chains and mutual support.

5. Lean on influencers

Think about this. In the past, you have collaborated with an influencer (presenter, speaker, expert...). For them, the situation is also complicated now, and they are often open to a possible "collaboration" with a view to more commercial opportunities arising in the future.

Focus on influencers who have already worked with your business and want to make an exchange of value. Many influencers have used this crisis to generate high-value-added content, webinars, videos, etc. Find out where you can collaborate. Influencers, as you know, always achieve a greater impact because they have an established follower base.


Never lose focus on value creation. It's about helping and informing. The sale will come later if it has to, but the connections are worth gold.

6. Twist the storytelling of your posts

Look for viral content.

Finally, a more uncertain but powerful option is to look for content that will go viral. I say uncertain because you never know how the shot is going to go. However, if you can come up with a strong message that has the potential to go viral, you can do very well in terms of leads.

Brainstorm with your team, and look for fresh, fun ideas. And above all, don't be afraid to take risks. You can, for example, use comedy, which in these times, is not a bad thing.


To achieve viral content, it is not only the idea that counts, but it is also very important that you rely on powerful and well-articulated messages - and this can be within your reach.


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